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Grünwald – Where Bavarian Gemütlichkeit Meets Modernity

From the cloud-shredding Alps in the south to buzzing cities appealing with historical charm – Bavaria is said to have something for everyone. Every year, it attracts thousands of people that savor this unique atmosphere infused with Bavarian Gemütlichkeit. Located in the rural outskirts south of Munich, Gymnasium Grünwald is just 15km from the vibrant heart of Bavaria’s capital. Grünwald is known for its exclusive and wealthy neighborhood, international population and it is the home of one of Europe’s biggest filmmaking facilities.


Gymnasium Grünwald

Our Academic secondary school first opened its gates in September 2014. Due to our spacious grounds and an outstanding technical equipment, Think Tanks and open classrooms, we are able to draw from a variety of educational methods that encourage teachers as well as students to learn and think ‘outside the box’. Differing from other public schools in the state, our students are embedded in an all-day program ranging from regular 45 to 90-minute lessons, prep lessons that allow students to work on their assignments and prepare for lessons, lunchtime on campus, extracurricular activities, and support from our certified social education workers.


Our Basic Values – Striving To Become ‘One’

We strongly believe in the following principles:

  • Personal commitment and self-motivation to develop strength as well as personality and to foster a profound education.
  • Respect and acceptance of others as equal, emancipated, and individual human beings as well as self-esteem.
  • Students’ autonomy in their autonomous and social behavior as a result of feedback and self-evaluation as an essential element of students’ individual and systematic learning experience at our school.
  • Cooperation with and among students, staff members, parents, and external partners in terms of a complementary educational relationship to spark interest in common creation and a campus life in chime.


International Relations – Reaching Out

Due to our students’ divergent cultural backgrounds and the school’s language program (Latin, English, French, Spanish, Mandarin) we encourage all students to look over the rim of their teacup. We believe that understanding foreign cultures and different languages as well as building international relations are essential to students coming of age in today’s diverse world community. We are therefore highly interested in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with schools in terms of cultural encounter and exchange.


We’re Big On Sports – We Play The Field Until We Score!

We offer our students a wide range of individual and team sports in curricular and extracurricular PE lessons. Many of our students are dedicated athletes. We are especially lucky to benefit from a close-knit cooperation with the local field hockey club TSV Grünwald and their qualified coaches. Joining the team helps students to build a strong social network beyond school boundaries and strengthens their social competence, their sense of fair play and respect, responsibility, and fosters their autonomy.


Gymnasium Grünwald
Laufzorner Straße 1
82031 Grünwald
089 456655-0
089 456655-99


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